Monday, 1 March 2010

Why oh Why?????

Why oh why can't I have a normal dog?????

My darling, beloved (!) Rose is only 7 inches tall, so you really wouldn't think she could be a lot of trouble would you???? HAA!  she is a little swine!!!!  I have just been sitting having a merry old hour surfin the web (don't I sound cool) and ignoring her, which was my first mistake.

We have a large bin in our living room, it stands about 2 feet tall, is rectangular in shape, and is up against a wall.  For some reason we seem to get through thousands of tissues in our house, which inevitably end up in said bin.  My beloved darling Rose used to like to tip over the bin and shred the tissues all over the floor, so we resolved this by putting a brick in the bottom!!!! Clever, I thought, she'll never manage to tip it over now.   I was so wrong.  I have just got up to make a cup of tea, and the far end of the room is covered in tissue, which now resembles confetti.  She has somehow managed to tip over the bin, brick included, making no noise whatsoever.   Can someone please explain how a 7 inch tall daschund can manage this?????  Oh well, off for the vacuum I go.......


  1. Have you got a photo, she sounds sweet?

  2. tee hee, huge mistake to underestimate small dog!!!

  3. My me laugh reading you post and how lovely of Dottie to give you a special photo album. Rose sounds mischievous! I'm feeling quite sad dog wise at the mo because we had a lovely young lab for a 2 week trial but sadly we had to give him back because he became quite rough with us, especially my son who is only 10. Missing him terribly though. Elaine