Friday, 26 March 2010

Look What I Got!!!!!!!!

A short while ago, there was a cry for help on the Folksy forum from Heather of NiftyKnits. Her daughter had bought some glass beads to make her mum a necklace, but could only make a bracelet as the holes in some of the beads were too small. Heather’s question was how to make the hole bigger. The answer to this, is a bead reamer, but they can be quite expensive. I had treated myself to a posh new set recently, so had a set that I no longer I needed, so offered them to Heather. They did the trick, and Heather very kindly offered to return them, but as I no longer needed them, I said she could keep them, in case she ever needed them again. Heather emailed to say she would send me a little gift instead, and look what I got......

Isn’t he gorgeous??? The lovely note attached from Heather explained that he is a prototype that she had produced for an article she had recently written. I am so chuffed with him, and he now has pride of place on top of my computer, keeping his eye on me!!! Now, my main concern, obviously, was what to call him!! The first name that springs to mind is Larry, but I did not feel that was a dignified enough name for such an upper class kind of a lamb. So...... I would like to introduce you all to Laurence, the extremely upper class lamb.

I would recommend you all have a look at Heather’s shop - where you will see, she is the Supreme Queen of the Meerkats!!!!!

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