Monday, 1 March 2010

I am so Baaaaadddd!!!!!

I am so bad.  I have thousands, if not gazillions of beads at home waiting to be put into a project, and is that enough for me????  No.... I made the fatal mistake of going on the internet last week, and placed an order with Precious Sparkle Beads.  Have a look at their shop, but put your credit card somewhere safe before you do!!!! I bought some gorgeous faceted Garnet briolettes, some small round Peridots, and some lovely moonstone strands, in multi colours.  I am now planning on what to do with them all, and will post some pictures shortly.

If anyone is looking for something really special for their jewellery making, then I would highly recommend having a look at, but be warned, it is very, very tempting!!!  The customer service is excellant too.  I emailed them with a really thick question, and the responded really quickly with the answer, and the beads arrived the next day as well!!!  couldn't be better.


  1. your a bad bad person, im off to have a look now....

  2. I know, I am evil, I must be punished!!!!