Friday, 26 March 2010

Going on Holiday!!!!!!

Well it is 4.15 on Friday afternoon.  I am at work until half past, then - I AM GOING ON HOLIDAY!!!!!!!! I am so excited, I have been doing my holiday dance at work all day, and they all think I am insane (they are probably right).  Anyway, I am off to Norfolk for a week with my mum and the dog.  My mum retired yesterday (at 67) so she rightly deserves a good break, and I just happen to be going with her!!!!

I have packed my book selection for the week (I have 15 paperbacks I am taking), and have sorted out a couple of projects, and intend to sit on my bum for the week, drinking tea, eating biscuits and cake, and generally being totally lazy.  Last time we went, there was a gorgeous squirrel that visited every day, so hopefully I can get some good photos of him!

About the only place we are planning on visiting is the Norfolk Shire Horse Centre.  It was taken over a couple of years ago by Hillside Animal Sanctuary, and they have loads of rescued animals there.  I will make sure I get loads of piccies, and will show you all when I am back.

Bye for now.


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  1. hope you enjoy your hol :)

    just to let you know that your feature is now on my blog - hope you like :)x