Monday, 15 February 2010

Selling Gold

Hi all,

This probably doesn't really relate to this blog as such, but I had to tell you all about it.  I have been sorting my jewellery box out ( a never ending pastime!!) and came across the usual bits of broken jewellery that I am sure everyone has.  I had an old gold chain that was twisted and unwearable, and an old gate bracelet that was somewhat squished.  I went online to get a quote from one of these sites that keep advertising on the telly.  I am always a bit dubious about this things - call it a distrusting nature!.  I had to enter descriptions, and the weight of the two in total, and they quoted me a price of £9.  I thought this seemed pretty low, so didn't think much more about it, until one of my friends mentioned she had taken some of her stuff into our local jewellers, and he had given her a really good price.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained, so I have just been up town, and my incredibly lovely jeweller gave me £60 for the exact same items!!!  So I really would advise people to avoid these on-line, and postal places if you are wanting to get rid of your old stuff, and try your local jeweller instead.  It makes me so mad that these on-line places are taking advantage of people who are desperate to make a bit of extra cash.  I am sure there are some reputable on-line or postal firms, but on the whole, they seem to be a bunch of rip-off merchants.  Has anyone else come across anything like this???

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